The Need
The people that come to Michigan Sports Unlimited for assistance come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Their disability may have been since birth, due to an illness, or physical trauma, but almost all share one commonality and that is that the experience has left the family financially strapped. Even when the insurance provider does its job there are a lot of other expenses that are not covered. So when faced with the cost of a piece of hardware costing $2,000 to $3,000 it is easy for them to say “I would rather feed my family”.

Generally the cost of recreational equipment is not covered as a necessary expense by insurance companies. Below is a breakdown of costs for specialized wheelchairs and related products:

Basketball Wheelchair $3500
Rugby Wheelchair $5000
Tennis Wheelchair $2500
Kann-Ski Water Ski $1200
Mono Ski Snow Ski $2000
Bi Ski Snow Ski $2000
Sit Down Water Ski $1700
Hand Cycles $2000-$4000
Racing Wheelchair $1500-$3500
Specialized Wheels $500-$1000
Sled Hockey $1000
Ultra Light Sport Wheelchair $2500-$5000
Adaptive Golf Cart $5000-$10,000
Mountain All Terrain Chairs $4000
Iron Horse All Terrain Chairs $2500
Fitness Equipment $3000-$10,000
Easystand Glider 6000 $5500
Universal Wheelchair Gym $10,000
Why does this stuff cost so much?
The cost of a manufactured product (especially one of a highly mechanical nature) is determined by many factors. A few are listed below:
Cost to make and distribute

Believe it or not, Quantity is usually the most deciding factor in the cost of a product. If you figure that there will a large enough demand to sell hundreds of thousands of a item, you can justify the cost of using more productive manufacturing techniques. Unfortunately the marketplace for this specialized equipment is a small one so the manufacturer is forced to use labor intensive manufacturing methods that keep the cost of manufacturing high.
Levels of support you can provide:
As a Sponsor or prospective Sponsor you are always welcome to come visit some of our clinics to witness first hand the good your financial support can bring to these courageous people. We are always looking for volunteers to help us in the clinics. Also please note that the items listed are just a sample of what the funds would/could be used for.

Level 1 - Sportsmanship Sponsor $100 - $499
Adaptive Supplies
General Clinic & Resource Expenses
Level 2 - Honorable Mention Sponsor $500-$999
Adaptive Supplies
T-Shirts, Hats, Promotions
Smaller Adaptive Clinics
Level 3 - Bronze Medal Sponsor $1000-$4999
Adaptive Sports & Recreation Clinic Sponsor
Specialized Equipment Sponsor: sport wheelchairs, racing chairs, hand cycles, adaptive equipment etc.
Wheelchair Accessible Fitness Equipment (smaller scale).
Level 4 - Silver Medal Sponsor $5000-$9999
Annual Event Sponsor
Club, Team, or League Sponsor
Wheelchair Accessible Fitness Equipment (larger scale).
Level 5 - Gold Medal Sponsor $10,000 and Higher
MVP sponsors ensure the success of Michigan Sports Unlimited by enabling it to function as a fully staffed, well run organization. These sponsors may designate specifically which area of the organization they would like to see the financial support utilized.
Current Sponsors
Gold Medal Sponsors
Silver Medal Sponsors
Bronze Medal Sponsors
Honorable Mention
  • Stewy Lube, Sign Works, Freeland
  • Mark Sheridan, Carriage House, Bay City
Special Thanks
Lloyd Yeo, Jim, Dan, & Rob McDonell
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