Everyday thousands of individuals throughout Michigan that have sustained permanent, life altering injuries find themselves searching for a means of reintegrating into their community, both physically and socially. These individuals strive to become reactivated and motivated, but often find themselves with nowhere to turn. Michigan Sports Unlimited was established to provide these very individuals with the opportunity to once again become active members of their community and empower them to attain success in all areas of their life.

Michigan Sports Unlimited is a non-profit organization founded and chaired by Brian Sheridan in September of 2001. At the age of 18, Brian sustained a spinal cord injury while participating in gymnastics at Central Michigan University. Brian, a lifelong athlete, has learned first hand the power and importance of sports and recreation in the lives of individuals with disabilities. As an occupational therapist and private practitioner, Brian has treated hundreds of children and adults with physical disabilities and has recognized the strength and ambition present in those who remain active in their recreational lives. Conversely, he has witnessed a certain level of depression and stagnancy in the lives of those that had not yet discovered the power of adaptive sports and recreation. Brian was able to further distinguish between these interrelated disability groups when he started to compete nationally in wheelchair rugby and began to meet wheelchair athletes from around the country. The level of physical fitness, social interaction, emotional stability, and overall well-being found in the wheelchair athletes was staggering when compared to those who had not become reactivated in recreational activities.

Michigan Sports Unlimited strives to become the very best in its class. It aspires to become the foundation and hub for adaptive sports and recreation in Michigan and to provide a model for similar organizations throughout the United States. In doing so, Michigan Sports Unlimited will be changing the lives of people with disabilities by providing a clear path towards health and empowering them to achieve success. The support of community leaders, foundations, philanthropists, and other passionate individuals or organizations will ensure the continued growth and success of Michigan Sports Unlimited. Here is how you can help:
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