Tri-City Basketball Team
Wheelchair Basketball is one of the most popular wheelchair sports in the world. Michigan Sports Unlimited is currently creating a new Tri-City Wheelchair Basketball team, based out of Bay City, MI. The team will practice at the Bay County Community Center in Bay City and also at the Center Courts facility in Saginaw, MI. If you are interested in becoming a member of the newest wheelchair basketball team in Mid-Michigan, please call Michigan Sports Unlimited today!

Basketball Clinics
If you are interested in particpating in Michigan Sports Unlimited's next basketball clinc, please contact Jeff Coupie at 989-497-3075 and register today. MSU, Inc.'s basketball clinics instruct athletes in the basic rules of the game and begin to teach the fundamentals of the sport. Chair mobility, shooting styles, and physical conditioning are focus areas of the basketball clinics. MSU, Inc. is able to provide participants with a variety of basketball wheelchairs to utilize in order for them to get a better feel for the sport and to determine what type of chair is right for them.

The first Michigan Sports Unlimited, Inc. clinic of the new year was held on January 4th, 2003. Most of our indoor clinics are held at the Bay County Community Center in Bay City, MI.

Our wheelchair basketball clinics double as basketball practices. You can learn the game and become part of a team at the same time.

Outdoor Activities
Downhill Skiing
Indoor Activities

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