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Resource Clearinghouse
MSU, Inc. has formed collaborative relationships with similar organizations across the state in an effort to build an elaborate network of adaptive sports providers. This enables each organization the ability to promote specific recreational projects using a concerted effort while simultaneously affording individuals with disabilities the opportunity to pursue a wide range of sporting and recreational activities all year long.
Recreation Clinics
MSU's adaptive sports and recreation clinics form the next critical element of our programming efforts. Our clinical experiences integrate the skill of expert instructors with the support of therapists and volunteers in order to produce a fun, educational, recreational experience in a safe and supportive environment. MSU currently has over 35 skilled instructors in a wide variety of sports and recreation areas.
Clubs, Teams, and Leagues
Offering adaptive sports & recreation clinics enables individuals with disabilities a newfound opportunity to discover areas of interest in a variety of recreational areas. MSU, Inc. uses clinical opportunities as the first step towards the formation of clubs, teams and eventually leagues. MSU acts as a coordinating body for these groups and provides the necessary resources to ensure their viability.
Collaborations and Events
Part of MSU, Inc.'s mission is to provide individuals with disabilities the opportunity to gain access to sports and recreational activities without the worry of barriers and limitations. Our collaborations with other organizations and our implementation of larger scale sports & recreation events, helps to ensure our focus to this mission.
Partner Organizations (incomplete list):
Area Electric of Bay City, MI
Athletes with Disabilities Hall of Fame
Bay County Parks and Recreation
Central Michigan University
Disability Services Resource Center
Dive & Glide
Duncan's Outdoors
Field Neurosciences Institute
Fusion Medical
Kochville Township
LUX interactive, LLC
Michigan Adaptive Golf
Michigan Adaptive Sports
Michigan Adaptive Sports & Recreation Coalition
Michigan PVA
Michigan Orthopedic Services
Michigan Wheelchair Athletic Association
Midland Community Tennis Center
Mott Community College
Northern Michigan Adaptive Sports
Saginaw Township
Saginaw Valley State University
Saint Mary's of Michigan
Sheridan Rehab Solutions, LLC
The Miracle League
Tiger Baseball Camps
Wright & Filippis
YMCA of Saginaw

Outdoor Activities
Downhill Skiing
Indoor Activities

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