In order to provide a wide variety of activities to people with all abilities, we need you. Volunteers are the backbone of any great organization and your support is why we can keep it strong. If you are interested in volunteering - whether for a couple hours or... more - please contact us and find out what you can do.

There are many ways to volunteer, and we're excited to help find the one that is right for you. The rewards of volunteering are limitless! Here are some examples:
   Grounds Keeping
Gym & Equipment Maintenance
Graphic Arts
Newsletter Writer/Editor
Clinic Instructor (for any sport we do)
Personal Assistant (for individuals that need help on the workout equip OR at the clinics)
Carpenter/builder (for storage and walls)
Raffle Tickets sales
Shirt sales
Clerical Duties
Committee Chairs for our various developing clubs
   (e.g. Handcycling, rugby, basketball, shooting, tennis...)
... and much more!
Start the process today!
Where can
you help?
How should we contact you?
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